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Friday, 16 August 2019

Resort Review : Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson


    It's been more than a year since our last holiday trip with Muhammad so we're really looking forward for the next one. A short getaway for our little family to spend time together and forget all those workloads was a great idea. Since the husband has got few annual leaves to clear off so we thought it's best to use them for that purpose.

    I've wanted to go to somewhere we could totally relax our mind and do nothing other than enjoying the view and rest. Ideally, that somewhere must be picturesque and not too far from KL as I would not want a long journey got me exhausted even before the holiday started. So we both had voted for Port Dickson since it was just about an hour away from KL and there were also few beaches and resort options for a relaxing getaway.

    Lexis Hibiscus, Grand Lexis and Avillion are amongst top rated resorts in PD which have been on my bucketlist for a while now. We've been to Avillion last year (gonna blog on that too) so this time we'd like to give Lexis Hibiscus a try. Though the price was a bit on a high side, we thought that it's worth for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hehe.

Picture taken from Google
            I love how beautiful the villas are positioned that they assemble the shape of a hibiscus. As any other resorts, Lexis Hibiscus comes with several room options as well. Similarly, all villas are located above the sea and have their own private pool and sauna room. The more expensive villa gives you a better view and privacy where the private pool faces the sea and not other villas.

Warmly greeted by their staffs

           We have opted for a premium pool villa for 2 days and 1 night stay. The room was so spacious with two king beds, LCD tv with multiple channels, separated shower and toilet, huge dressing table, small seen-through glass built on the floor where you could view the sea beneath it and few other facilities such as iron, hair dryer and they even provide a measuring scale. Our little boy was so excited that he couldn't stop exploring the room till night.

Those comfy beds

The lobby, restaurant and hibiscus walk were located at the main area. Our room was quite far from the main area so we had to use their buggy service every time we wanted to get there. Fortunately, the buggy service was fast with a maximum of ten minutes waiting time.

Perfect spot for ootd ;p

           We had our lunch that we had bought earlier immediately after checking in since my husband and Muhammad were already hungry. Then they both jumped in the pool while i just enjoyed watching them having fun. Swimming pool didn't excite me anymore. *aging sign

My boys

         After having a short nap, we headed to the beach to let Muhammad play with the sand and snap lots of pictures, of course. The beach area was well maintained that I could hardly find any rubbish or damaged facilities. We spent our time there until sunset. Just before we headed back to our room, Muhammad was already sleeping so we decided to pack our dinner from their food court. A normal fried rice and char kuey teow costed RM 12 each but thankfully they tasted really good. Or maybe we were just too hungry? LOL.

          Every night during the weekend they will have a fire show but unfortunately we came on weekdays so we just stayed inside the room that night while watching tv.

          The next day, we had our breakfast at Roselle Restaurant close to the lobby. They served a wide selection of food ranging from local, western to chinese. There were nasi lemak, roti canai, fried rice, porridge, dimsum, cheongfun, cereal and many more. The waiters were helpful and polite too. One of them helped me to get a toddler's feeding set when he saw me struggling to handle my boy from breaking their glassware.

                Before checking out, my husband and Muhammad had their last dip in the pool while I did the packing stuff. Before we left the room, their customer service rang us to ask for our feedback. I could conclude that they really prioritised their customers' needs and experience.

                Overall, Lexis Hibiscus successfully met my expectation and we really had a pleasant stay there. The only drawback was the late check-in time which started at 3.00 p.m. Other than that, I would give a five star rating for their cleanliness, customer service, food and location.

Lexis Hibiscus checked.

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