"If I wait for perfection, I would never write a word" - Margaret Atwood

Friday, 28 October 2016

How To Deal With a Person You Dislike


How do you deal with your feelings when you dislike a person? Coming through all the way to the adult stage, there must have been some points in our lives where disliking a person is inevitable. The common advice I often heard was people saying, ' Think about their good deeds so you will forget the bad things they have done'. It is true, indeed. But what if their bad manners outnumbered those good ones? Or if the two were equal? Would you be able to tolerate? Now I'm making it even more complex. Haha. But that's how women are born to be, a set of complex working machine, aren't we? Pheww.

When that moment of disliking someone hit me, every now and then, I could not resist thinking how demonic it was to let the feeling growing inside me. And at that point I know, there must be something off with my heart. It was as if I have been allowing a venom settling inside me and let it travel freely through my bloodstream. A venom that could kill my inner self.

"Indeed, in the body there is a piece of flesh - if it is in order, then the body is in order, and if it is spoiled, the whole body is spoiled. It is the heart.     (Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim)

We are all normal human beings after all. Each of us has a dark side, either in a smaller or greater scale. Yet, we tend to overlook ours and judge others for the same mistake. Very bad.

All this while I have been searching for the right method to get rid of the feeling whenever it struck me, and recently I have come through a short story from the book I read. It left me with a great relief. And that's why I'm making an effort to write it down here.

It was about a lady who was going to start her new career. Having to be informed that the senior was a narrow-minded and negative kind of person, she did not dwell herself with the miserable news. Instead, she went to ask the woman who was retiring from that job how she was able to deal with her former senior for some good years.

And that woman simply said. 'I pray for him. It's very difficult to dislike someone for whom you are praying'.

Her answer was amazingly positive and beautiful. The characters in the story were non-Muslim, but the story itself was a good example for us as a Muslim.

Very often we prayed for those near us or those whom we favor, asking for all the kindness to be showered upon us. Nonetheless, the power of dua is beyond that. Instead of hoping for them to change their attitudes, why don't we ignore all those facts and just pray for their best.

In syaa Allah it will clear out the venom that has once resided inside us because we have found the most powerful vaccine, that is our dua   :)

"The dua of a Muslim for his brother (in Islam) in his absence is readily accepted. An angel is appointed to his side. Whenever he makes a beneficial dua for his brother the appointed angel says 'Aameen. And may you also be blessed with the same."        (Sahih Muslim)

Till then, Assalamualaikum..

Monday, 1 August 2016

Poplook Addict


      Anyone prefers online shopping rather than making purchases at a physical store, hands up please? Yes, we are in the same boat. Though I'm still having enough time to go out for a shopping, I think it is a hassle to get in the crowd unless if I'm already aiming what I'm gonna buy then it is fine.

I usually go to the mall for food or to any suggested restaurants. Doing shopping will just give me headache. But online shopping is a lot easier. Once I found things that catch my eyes, just put them in the cart and straight away head to the payment.

In this case, Poplook would be in the top list of my favorite online website to shop. While maintaining a good material for the fabrics and an up-to-date fashion, their prices are within affordable range too. They have a variety of fashions to choose from and a lot of them (not all) are actually syariah compliance. Remember, aurat comes before fashion :)

You need not to worry about the size as they provide a size guide and as far as I know, it is standardized for all clothes. Say if you go for S size and it fits you well, then just stick to that one. For me, it is always M. 

The payment is made easy with online banking. By just making one click, the website will direct you to your bank account and it is 100% safe. And you will receive your item just as what has been described in the details.

Plus, the delivery is very fast. You will receive your item within 3 working days. No later than that. There will be points for every purchases made which later can be redeemed as a voucher for next purchases. But of course you will have to buy frequently before the points will add up to a lot of value.

So far my experience purchasing at Poplook has never been disappointing. Also, they have just opened up a physical store at The Curve. I went there from the first day they opened up the shop. But yeah.. I still like Poplook online shopping better. Hehe.

Woman can never have enough clothes in their wardrobe, right? But remember not to go over your budget. As for me, I will buy new clothes every month (maybe 2-3 pairs). Therefore, I will put aside my expenses for clothing early of the month so that I know when to stop once I reached my limit. The vital thing in saving is a self discipline. At the start of the month, you will have to figure out how much are you gonna save instead of making your saving from what you have left after you spent so you will not get off the track. Got me right? Just a simple tip from an amateur. Hehe.

*Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Why Do I Write?


I admit that quite a lot of people have been asking me why do I blog but I do not have a definite answer to that question myself. At first, it was about living abroad as I started blogging when I reached UK. Then I began to write about random things, i.e anything that crossed my mind and I felt like jotting them down somewhere. Having everything in mind written in a blank page, to me, it might be a self satisfaction. Or you could see me as a sentimental kind of person. A person who writes about the present and looks back at her writings to reminisce the past. Gitteww..

Yet it is not actually a new habit. When I was 11 or so, I used to have a notebook which I described each of my friends at school. But I swear I only wrote good things about them. Luls. Anyway the book is nowhere to be found now. Then, not so long after I stepped into high school, I wanted to own a diary and so I did. I ranted about everything happening around me from the beginning until I left my high school. Therefore, all good and bad stuffs were kept inside. If I were to go through each of the pages, I could only read it less than halfway because most of the contents revealed how immature I used to be. Haha. Truth be told, I was thinking of putting it into a fire before my future husband or anybody else finds it since that will be very embarrassing, but knowing all the memories during my high school were all inside, I somehow hesitated. 

Right now that I am already writing publicly, there needs to be a balance between my privacy and general posts so whichever ought to keep as private remain as private while those I put up on the screen hopefully will be something that is worth sharing, if not a part of reading for pleasure to those who are seeking for. I could be on and off here, depending on my mood. There are moments where I feel like writing as much as I could but once I stop, it takes me a while to brush the cobwebs off my blog. Hew.


And I'm missing my family a little too much today. Spending my day off at home makes me feel no less like a forever alone. Hahaha.. Doa saja yang mampu dikirimkan semoga semuanya baik-baik saja :)

Till then, Assalamualaikum..

Sunday, 24 July 2016

How To Reduce Eye Tiredness


Young adults nowadays are hardly escaped from using digital devices ( computer, tablets, smartphones) and as a result of a prolonged near work, our eyes will become tired and some will also notice redness of the eyes. Also, this is sometimes accompanied by a headache at the end of the day.

Working in the optical sector, I have received a lot of complaints regarding this issue. If you are experiencing these kind of symptoms, here are some tips to reduce the risk of eye tiredness.

1. Regular eye exam

First and foremost, have your eyes checked regularly to ensure you have an updated prescription for your glasses or contacts. Inform the optometrists/opticians how often you use the computer and how far the screen is in front of your eyes so they can test your eyes at a specific working distance.

2. Practice 20-20-20 rule

Take a break! Do not push your eye muscles. For your information, our eye muscles help us to focus at near. Just as the muscles at other parts of our body, they will get tired after a prolonged activity. For example, after we do a vigorous exercise, our muscles will become sore. The same goes to our eye muscles.

So, remember this 20-20-20 rule. Take a 20 seconds break after 20 minutes of near work and gaze at distant objects (preferably green objects) before continuing your work. This will make a significant difference.

3. Remember to blink

Believe it or not, we blink less often when we are using computer/tablets but little that we realize about it. Blinking is very important to keep your eyes moisturize as it will spread the tears around the eyes. When we blink less frequently, the tears will get evaporated easily to the surrounding and leave our eyes dry.

Another vital thing you need to know is, tissues in our eyes (cornea) also need oxygen which generally comes from the surrounding. The oxygen will first dissolve in our tears before it is supplied to the cornea. So, when we are having dry eyes, less oxygen will get inside the eyes. As a result, our eyes will become red.

4. Use computer eyewear

Lenses nowadays have a protective coating against harmful blue light emitted from the computer screen. This blue light can cause damage to the eye especially retina (macular degeneration) and crystalline lens (cataract). By having a blue light filter built in your lens, it will reduce the damage to the eyes and lessen the eye strain. Besides, ensure that your lenses have an anti-reflective coating to reduce the glare by minimizing the light reflecting off the front and back surfaces of your lenses.

3. Modify the position of your workstation

It is important to position your computer at a proper distance in front of you. Generally, the screen should be slightly below the eye level and around 20-28 inches from the eyes. Avoid positioning your computer near to the window as it will give out glare which causes eye strain.

5. Eye exercise

Regular eye exercise can reduce eye strain by improving our focus and concentration. Simply hold a pen at your arm's length at your eye level. Focus at the top of the pen. Slowly bring the pen closer to your eyes and stop when it appears blur/double. Then bring the pen back to your arm's length. Repeat 10-15 times.

6. Modify computer display

Use larger prints as small ones require more focus. Adjust the brightness of the screen so it will be at the same level to the surrounding.

Last but not least, do have enough sleep as it will affect our overall health and well-being. Hope those tips will help!

Till then, Assalamualaikum..

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Carbonara Recipe


            Back then when I was in the UK, I preferred a home made carbonara sauce rather that getting one from the store because as far as I've been looking around, their carbonara sauce didn't look so tempting. All of them were just plain white sauce while I like to put some flavours in my cooking. So I decided to prepare the sauce from scratch. And that was the first carbonara I've ever had, thus I wasn't too sure of how it should actually taste like but getting positive feedback from the housemates, I could not care less of the 'real carbonara flavour'. As long as it tasted good and went well inside the tummy, everything should be fine. Hihi. Plus, the recipe is very simple and took less than half an hour to get it ready.

But now that I'm already back in Malaysia, my preference has switched to a ready made sauce, specifically from Prego. Why is that so? It's more cost effective! Haha. You will just have to add 2-3 more ingredients to complete the taste. So, here they are.

Ingredients :

1. 250g pasta ( I like to use either tagliatelle or bowtie pasta)



 2. 200 ml of fresh milk

3. Cheesedale

 4. 300 g prego carbonara mushroom sauce

5. Frankfurter

6. Button mushroom

7. Butter / Margarine

8. 3 cloves of garlic, peeled

9. 1 large yellow onion, finely chopped

10. Ground black pepper

Directions :

1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Put a spoon of oil. Add the pasta and while waiting for them to cook, you can prepare the sauce.

2. Melt a table spoon of butter/margarine inside the pan. Add the garlic and yellow onion. Saute for 2 minutes to soften.

3. Add the frankfurter and the button mushroom that have been sliced into small pieces. Fry until crisp.

4. Empty the carbonara mushroom sauce inside the pan. To reduce the thickness of the sauce, add some water and 3/4 of fresh milk.

5. Add 3 slices of cheese to the sauce. Let them melt.

6. Season the carbonara with ground black pepper and salt.

Once done, serve your carbonara with the pasta of your choice. Simple right?

Till my next recipe,  Assalamualaikum..

Friday, 3 June 2016

Life As a Working Adult


I have been wanting to update my blog for quite some time but could never find a space to do so. When I do, this is what happened. Two entries at one time. Hehe.. My routine has deemed me to wake up early in the morning and get home just right at the moment when everybody else is preparing to sleep. Pheww.

So basically majority of my brain's space is now filled with work stuff and the rest of it is counting when will my next off day be. Alhamdulillah, it has been nearly 5 months since I started working. Still survive and wish that I could bear repeating the same cycle for at least 2 years. *finger crossed

Talking about my first week of working, it was really tedious that once I reached home, I could only afford to pray and straight away climb on the bed without bathing. Haha. It's not because of the work load but my body was still in a period of adjusting itself to a beyond normal working hours following those 4 months duration of hibernating at home. That was long enough to deactivate your body, right?

At the moment, I have settled down in KL and most probably will reside in here for the next 2 to 4 years, maybe? We'll see. I could not think of other places, but as for now KL is treating me well. So as my career. Even though working for 12 hours period might sound devastating, to be honest it isn't that bad and I'm fine with it. Till I have my own kids then only I will consider to move on.

For the time being, let's just stick to this one. But I am still looking forward for a more challenging career. What I want are skill and good experience through my career life. They say everything begins with one step, therefore I'm praying that my step here will lead me to a more great success ahead. In syaa Allah..

That's all for now. Assalamualaikum.

Monday, 30 May 2016

My Braces Story


I have been dreaming of having the braces on since in the primary school to be honest but got put off several times before finally had them on 11 years afterward. Ever since I have this metal displayed on my teeth, the questions I got asked a lot were, 'Does it hurt?' and 'How much does it cost?'. I'm pretty sure almost all the braces wearer have come through these kind of questions. So I'm writing this bit in hope that it will benefit for those who are planning to wear braces :)

The answer to the first question is, it doesn't hurt as much as what you might have heard from other people. But even if it does, it is still tolerable. It's all about your mindset. Actually the pain is a subjective thing I would say. Or maybe I just have a high pain treshold for this one. Hehe. 

There will only be a slight pain for the first week, so you'll find it troublesome to consume any solid food. At this moment, porridge has become my best friend. It didn't bother me that much having to eat porridge all the time. At least I was no longer indecisive thinking of what to eat as there's no option apart from porridge and above that, I'm good at making a nice one. Hiks. 

The only problem I have was during chewing because the upper and the lower teeth did not touch each other so well, therefore food were never properly bitten off. Most of the time I felt like I just stuffed them inside my mouth, chewed 4-5 times before swallowing them down the stomach and let my digestion system finish up the rest of the job. Haha. Now it gotta work harder. Besides, I found that I have to put extra care when chewing and got panicked a few times thinking of the brackets might come off from its place.

Regarding of the cost, it would vary from one place to another place. I did quite a lot of survey with the help from Mr Google, for sure. In this case, you have to take into account not only the price, but the location and the dentist as well. After scanning through the reviews, I decided to do mine at Klinik Pergigian Aina in Kajang. The dentist, Dr. Aina is an experienced one and she offered free consultation if you want to first discuss about the braces. The total damage of mine was RM 4k (excluding X-rays and scaling). Luls. But it's not a lump-sum payment. They will ask for the deposit which was RM 1500 and the remaining balance can be paid off monthly.

2016 new look.. eh not so new hiks

Till the, Assalamualaikum..