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Friday, 16 August 2019

Resort Review : Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson


    It's been more than a year since our last holiday trip with Muhammad so we're really looking forward for the next one. A short getaway for our little family to spend time together and forget all those workloads was a great idea. Since the husband has got few annual leaves to clear off so we thought it's best to use them for that purpose.

    I've wanted to go to somewhere we could totally relax our mind and do nothing other than enjoying the view and rest. Ideally, that somewhere must be picturesque and not too far from KL as I would not want a long journey got me exhausted even before the holiday started. So we both had voted for Port Dickson since it was just about an hour away from KL and there were also few beaches and resort options for a relaxing getaway.

    Lexis Hibiscus, Grand Lexis and Avillion are amongst top rated resorts in PD which have been on my bucketlist for a while now. We've been to Avillion last year (gonna blog on that too) so this time we'd like to give Lexis Hibiscus a try. Though the price was a bit on a high side, we thought that it's worth for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hehe.

Picture taken from Google
            I love how beautiful the villas are positioned that they assemble the shape of a hibiscus. As any other resorts, Lexis Hibiscus comes with several room options as well. Similarly, all villas are located above the sea and have their own private pool and sauna room. The more expensive villa gives you a better view and privacy where the private pool faces the sea and not other villas.

Warmly greeted by their staffs

           We have opted for a premium pool villa for 2 days and 1 night stay. The room was so spacious with two king beds, LCD tv with multiple channels, separated shower and toilet, huge dressing table, small seen-through glass built on the floor where you could view the sea beneath it and few other facilities such as iron, hair dryer and they even provide a measuring scale. Our little boy was so excited that he couldn't stop exploring the room till night.

Those comfy beds

The lobby, restaurant and hibiscus walk were located at the main area. Our room was quite far from the main area so we had to use their buggy service every time we wanted to get there. Fortunately, the buggy service was fast with a maximum of ten minutes waiting time.

Perfect spot for ootd ;p

           We had our lunch that we had bought earlier immediately after checking in since my husband and Muhammad were already hungry. Then they both jumped in the pool while i just enjoyed watching them having fun. Swimming pool didn't excite me anymore. *aging sign

My boys

         After having a short nap, we headed to the beach to let Muhammad play with the sand and snap lots of pictures, of course. The beach area was well maintained that I could hardly find any rubbish or damaged facilities. We spent our time there until sunset. Just before we headed back to our room, Muhammad was already sleeping so we decided to pack our dinner from their food court. A normal fried rice and char kuey teow costed RM 12 each but thankfully they tasted really good. Or maybe we were just too hungry? LOL.

          Every night during the weekend they will have a fire show but unfortunately we came on weekdays so we just stayed inside the room that night while watching tv.

          The next day, we had our breakfast at Roselle Restaurant close to the lobby. They served a wide selection of food ranging from local, western to chinese. There were nasi lemak, roti canai, fried rice, porridge, dimsum, cheongfun, cereal and many more. The waiters were helpful and polite too. One of them helped me to get a toddler's feeding set when he saw me struggling to handle my boy from breaking their glassware.

                Before checking out, my husband and Muhammad had their last dip in the pool while I did the packing stuff. Before we left the room, their customer service rang us to ask for our feedback. I could conclude that they really prioritised their customers' needs and experience.

                Overall, Lexis Hibiscus successfully met my expectation and we really had a pleasant stay there. The only drawback was the late check-in time which started at 3.00 p.m. Other than that, I would give a five star rating for their cleanliness, customer service, food and location.

Lexis Hibiscus checked.

Till then,


Sunday, 14 April 2019

Review : A Visit to the Farm in The City


       Muhammad loves animals. That I could see from his preference when he tends to choose books with animals over something else. And whenever I turn on national geographic channel his eyes would be glued on the screen longer than any others. So we think that it's a good idea to bring him to the zoo for him to experience meeting the animals that he only gets to see in books up close.

       Following his long stay in ward, we just want to entertain him with more family time and doing activities together. Since we have been planning the visit for quite some time, I believe it is now the right time to make it real. Farm in The City was our first choice as it brings the concept of a petting zoo which means he will have the chance to feed the animals on his own. That would be exciting, right!

        We reached there on Sunday morning at around 10.00 am. There were not much people yet at that time so you could avoid the queues if you're planning to purchase the tickets on the same day. I have priorly booked the tickets online to save up time on that. Once the payment had been completed they will send out an email with QR code to be presented at the counter for ticket redemption.

        Another good thing with the online ticket is that if you will have to do last minute cancellation on your visit, the tickets would not just burn out since they are valid within 90 days after your purchase date. But they can only be used per entry and the purchase must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Ticket pricing

          For some reasons I think the price is a bit on a high side considering the place is not too big but on a second thought, building up a zoo must have need a substantial amount of fund to maintain the animals' well-being and the place itself. So yeah, it's quite reasonable I would say. We paid for a total of RM 82.68 (including tax) for two persons while Muhammad got to enter for free. Yeay!

          Just opposite to the ticket counter you will find a stall selling animal's food at RM 10 per bucket. Their staff will also provide a map of the place together with the information of activities available. It's best to plan your visit beforehand so that you will not miss the animal's show and their feeding time.

Activities available
              Our first station was at the tortoise shelter and from there we just kept walking from one station to another. Most of the animals were set free and we had the chance to feed them directly.

Feeding the birds

            As for me, the most exciting part was when we reached at the Savanna where they placed deers and goats in one shelter. Once we stepped our foot inside their shelter, all of these animals began to encircled me since they noticed I had the food bucket in my hand. One of the deers was clumsy enough that it literally climbed on me to reach for the food. Gosh!

Just before I was being attacked haha
              Moving further, we reached at the rabbit shelter which was Muhammad's favourite. Opposite the rabbit shelter there was a fish pond where you can use the fishing net provided to scoop out the fish. Lots of kids like this part.

Feeding the rabbit with the carrot stick
                Then, we headed to the exhibition centre where there was a seating area provided. We took some time to rest while waiting for otter's feeding time. In the meantime, we got to watch and touch the parrot, iguana, hedgehog, lizard etc.

That cutie hedgehog...geram!

                Other than that, Muhammad got to feed the raccoon too. We were surprised that he was not scared of it. If you want to feed this raccoon, you can buy their food from the machine using tokens in exchange with RM 1 note.

                Having that close interaction with these animals, one thing we did concern was the hygiene. But worry not, because they do provide few spots to wash your hands. There are also two restaurants inside the place in case you need to fill in your tummy along the way. And before you leave, you can stop by at the gift shop to get some souvenirs.         

             Overall, we had a great time there and it was definitely worth a visit. We took about two hours and a half to complete all stations. By then, Muhammad was already exhausted so he slept all the way back home.



Lot 40187-40188, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat
Bandar Putra Permai
Seri Kembangan

Operation Hours

Monday - Friday : 10.00 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday & Sunday : 9.30 am - 6.00 pm
School / Public Holidays : 9.30 am - 6.00 pm

Till then, Assalamualaikum.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Rotavirus and E.Coli Infection


       One of the many things that I have learnt from motherhood is surely patience. You will never know your true level of patience until you become a mother to a baby or toddler. That's it. I'm sure most of us mommies would want our kids to stay as healthy as possible as we are well aware how super cranky and clingy they can get when they are not in the pink of health. I can't help but to be proud of myself when I managed to stay calm throughout these haywire situations. Hehe.

      And one of those situations I'm referring to was when Muhammad was warded due to some infections. He started off with high fever since the night before. I kept monitoring his temperature until the next morning when it reached 40 degree celcius. We were freaked out and immediately ran him to the emergency at Pantai Hospital Ampang.

Cranky boy at the emergency
     Muhammad was actually having a prolonged cough for more than a month, so the doctor suggested to do chest xray on him. From there, the first diagnosis came out as a mild lung infection and for that reason he was admitted. Since it was a mild infection, my first expectation was that he's gonna be warded for 4-5 days at most. #positivemom

Fell asleep right after being warded

Daily physio session to clear the chest
       A night went by at the hospital and his fever seemed to be fluctuated throughout the day. So the doctor took his stool sample to check for the presence of some bugs that might be causing the symptoms. After the lab result came out, we were being informed of the true culprit which was rotavirus. To be honest, I wasn't quite surprised with the finding as I thought it was only a bug that's causing diarrhea. While that was true, this rotavirus actually made both me and my son physically and mentally exhausted for how severe its effect was.

         As that wasn't enough, another nightmare came in two days later. This time we were told he had another infection which was E.Coli. Similar to rotavirus, this bacteria also causes diarrhea. The effect of rotavirus alone was acute, so can you imagine how crazy it was when these two worked together? Yup, the effect was doubled. 

         There was this one night we both could not sleep at all. Muhammad was passing stool every 1-2 hours. It was really watery that it sounded like he was peeing. The nurses and the cleaner also had to come in frequently to change the bed sheet and clean the floor. That was the climax and I was emotionally drained. We both cried. It felt bad because I could do nothing to help him alleviate the pain.

         The effect of rotavirus could last for two weeks and we can actually control it at home. He just need to be free from fever for the next 24 hours after his normal temperature was recorded for him to be discharged. Every time his temperature went normal, I tried to maintain it with tepid sponging and get him to take his medicine on time. Well the struggle to give him medicine was another story. This post could turn out into a novel if I were to write them all here.

         Finally after 11 days of hospital stay he was discharged and I was the happiest person to receive the news! He still had diarrhea for another week afterwards but handling him at home was different (in a good way). He had follow-up appointment twice before the doctor confirmed the infections were totally gone off. Therefore, our nightmares ended peacefully. Alhamdulillah.

Before discharged
Follow-up appointment with ibu

Till then, Assalamualaikum.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Baby Food Recipes : 8-10 Months


    Here are some of home made food recipes I have prepared for Muhammad starting from he's 8 months old. I'm putting them all here for my future reference, which is for next babies in the waiting list. Haha.

    Since I am not working at the moment, I get to prepare his food on a daily basis and serve him with different food at each meal time. Yup, I treat his tummy just like mine. I want him to taste different flavours of food and at the same time making sure they contain enough nutrients for his age.

   Currently, he eats 5 times a day including 2 snacking times. For breakfast, I like to give him either yogurt or oatmeal. The base is the same and I will blend them with fruits of choice so he will not get bored of the same taste everyday. His main favourite is oatmeal with banana.

   While for lunch and dinner, I usually give him rice or pasta served with meat as a source of protein together with vegetables and dairy products. For sauteing, I use either unsalted butter or olive oil.

    It takes effort to prepare all these but with the support from my husband, who never complains when I ask for his help, things definitely get easier. And you have to be prepared too that sometimes your baby will refuse to eat. You may get frustrated but just do not give up, mommies!

Mango and banana oatmeal
Very berry oatmeal

Oatmeal prep : Cook oats on the stove with water. You can add milk powder for a creamier taste. Blend fruits of your choice and add to the cooked oats. If your baby still could not tolerate lumpy food, you can blend oats together with the fruits. Add water to your desired consistency.

Banana and apple yogurt
Banana and blueberry yogurt
Banana rice pudding

Yogurt prep : Keep your fruits of choice in a freezer overnight. The next day, blend them together with yogurt and serve them cold. Your baby will love it. And you will love it too! In case they do not finish it, don't worry. You can take over their job! Wink*

Rice pudding prep : Add some water and blend all the ingredients together.

Cheesy baby pasta
Pasta prep : Cook pasta in a boiling water until soft. In a separate pan, melt the butter and saute the garlic. Add chicken and carrot. Cook them well. Add cream cheese and pumpkin puree. Blend them together and serve with pasta.

Mashed potato with chicken and cheese gravy
Prep : Cook potato in a boiling water until soft. Mash the potato. In a separate pan, melt the butter and add the chicken. When the chicken is cooked, add cream cheese and water. Blend them altogether. Add extra virgin olive oil when it's ready to be served.

Salmon porridge
Prep : Saute the onion with olive oil. Fry the salmon. Add water and the other ingredients. Cook for 25-30 minutes. You can reduce the cooking time by grinding the brown rice into powder.

Baby bolognese
Prep : Cook pasta until soft. In a separate pan, saute the garlic and onion with olive oil. Add chicken and carrot. Cook them well. Add tomatoes, celery and a bit of water. Blend the mixture to desired consistency. Serve with pasta.

Muhammad Solid Food Journey


        My baby Muhammad has actually started his solid food way too long before this post is written (he's 9 months old now!) but as lousy as a blogger I am, coming up with past events is permissible. Ha! 

       Before Muhammad was born I did a lot of research on breastfeeding and while he's about 2-3 months close to weaning, I began to study his solid food. You see, motherhood is a never ending journey of knowledge seeking to ensure your little one gets the best.

    Since it's gonna be my first experience at that time, I've been counting days for him to reach six months and only God knows how anticipated I was because I have got so many things planned for him. I have opted nothing other than home made food for my baby.

      What else is more exciting other than preparing home made food for your baby and watching him eat whatever food you offer. Honestly, being able to serve him with nutritious food is another level of satisfaction next to breastfeeding.

First thing first, I listed down all the equipments needed for feeding.

1. High chair. To teach him table manners. When it's time to eat, he must sit down on his chair and          eat.
2. Feeding set (bowl and spoon)
3. Bib
4. Food storage cups to store frozen puree
5. Baby food processor. I actually did not invest on a baby food processor since we already have a          steamer and a non-used blender, so that will be cost saving.

All the necessities for feeding

         So which food is good for a 6 months baby? There are a few amounts of them such as banana, pear, avocado, sweet potato etc. I chose to start with banana, partly because it's easy to prepare. Just mash the fruit with a fork and it's ready to be served.

         Since Muhammad has a mild eczema I need to be careful when offering food to him. I followed four days rule by introducing single food for four consecutive days before switching to another. That way, if he develops allergic reaction I could determine which food is causing it.

Muhammad's timetable

        Most importantly, avoid sugar and salt in their puree. After all, that's the reason why we choose to give him home made food, right? We want it to be healthy and safe for babies. Most baby's food available in the market contain certain amount of sugar which is obviously not good for babies.

       After he has passed with each food then only I started to combine them to give more flavours to the puree. I usually prepared his puree for three days stock to reduce the hassle since I worked 12 hours a day except for the porridge, which I cooked on a daily basis.

The happy face when he gets to eat

And yes, gaining weight together with ayah!

And now...

My dilemma : I'm happy to watch him growing up as a healthy baby but sometimes I did get emotional seeing him being not so small anymore. Hew.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Husband Underwent a Shoulder Surgery


My husband was once a rugby player and he played other sports too during high school. But now he's totally retired and lost all his six packs (haha) due to multiple injuries. He had had ACL reconstruction twice which entirely refrained him from playing sports again. And as he said, having to give in his passion was the biggest lost he ever encountered in his life at that time. Hmm I turut bersimpati.

His shoulder was actually injured from sports too but he still managed to go around painlessly. It was at the end of last year when he twisted his arm to grab something, then causing his shoulder to be dislocated. It happened when he was in a meeting room and I could imagine how his colleagues and seniors were panicking.

So this time he decided to give his shoulder a rest and went for surgery. Wait, that's not the highlight of my entry really. The actual thing is, because of the surgery, he was entitled for two months paid leave which equals to my maternity leave last time. That's heaven! At least for me who is already tired of workinggg.

Night before the surgery

Alhamdulillah the surgery went smoothly and was performed by Dr Ismail, who happened to be my husband's ex super senior at Sains Alam Shah. We chose Pusrawi Hospital as previously I had my prenatal check up at this hospital too and had a satisfying experience with their service as well as its islamic environment. My husband stayed for 2 nights and I took turn with my mother in law to keep him accompanied.

Muhammad came to visit his daddy too

Husband with Dr Ismail

The day before my husband was discharged, the doctor came in to check on the wound. He showed us some pictures during the surgery to explain how it was done. The pictures might not be so pleasant to look at but I'll just share them here anyway. Haha.

Shoulder was cut open

And being stitched

Up till now he could not use his right hand much but he still wanted to send me and pick me up from work which I really appreciate. Hiks.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.